Becareful of your surroundings!

Hello guys and gals
Today will not be a beauty related post
But a safety message and warning to those who always travel alone
Or go out alone

My phone was pickpocketed from me yesterday
In Tropicana City Mall
How do I know if it was pickpocketed from me?

Through some security apps that I downloaded onto my phone
It shows the location of my phone and can record sounds remotely

The recording gave me an idea of what kind of people who took my phone
The people who were taking my phone were speaking Malay with a typical Malay accent
So I think it should be some Mat Rempits
Please google that if you don’t know what is that


This is my advice


I mean it
I was lucky
They could have beaten me up, raped me or do something worse…

What I’m saying is that you should always be aware of your surroundings and always stay safe no matter how or what method you use

So that’s all for today

Stay safe

Evan Chang

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