Product Review: Freshel Pack & Massage Foam from Kanebo

Hey there my lovely buttercookies
Cause CNY is coming!

Today I am going to review for you guys a facial foam!
and best of all
It comes in a can!

Before I start with the review
Let me just say that I do like this product
But it has one major flaw
But we’ll get to that later

The product that I am talking about is the…
Freshel Pack & Massage Foam from Kanebo!

It looks like this:

The product comes in a pressurized can that is very unhappy if it is around heat and fire
Should the can come into contact with those two, it will be very angry an explode out with anger

The can itself is a light silver bronze with a peach colored cap

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“Product Review: Crabtree&Evelyn Hand Care Collection Ultra Moisturising Hand Therapy” (GOOD GAWD THATS AN AWFULLY LONG NAME!)

My lovely people!
How are feeling on this fine day?

For me
I’m sick
So explain to me how fine it is for me

Today will be a hand cream review
I don’t usually use hand creams but I have this with me for a long time now and I think I have enough experience to review this for you guys

The hand cream will be the…
Crabtree&Evelyn Hand Care Collection Ultra Moisturising Hand Therapy
And as the title suggests
It is a godforsakenly long name

So without further ado
Here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure:

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Product Review: Sleek Luminaire Concealer and Highlighter

Konichiwa my lovely buttercups

Today will be a review of one of the product that are not readily available in Malaysia at this time of writing and require you to order it online

Its the…
Sleek Luminaire Concealer and Highlighter!

I’ve been trying out a lot of these kind of concealers lately
Mainly because my skin has been looking dull and tired
So these product do help out in aiding you looking like you’re more awake

But let me begin by saying that I do not like this product
You will soon see why

So without further ado
Picture time:

This is a highlighting concealer
Keep that in mind
Whereever you apply this
People will focus their attention on that area because it is highlighted

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Product Review: Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser


It’s review time my chico and chiconas

Today will be a moisturiser review
I know right
So typical
But oily skins rejoice!
This is both cheap and good to use!

Its the…
Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser

So without further ado
Picture porno time!

According to Simple
This moisturiser has 3 skin loving nutrients, 2 vital vitamins and 0 perfume or colour
Which is good!

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Product Review: Skinfood Red Orange Sun Stick BB SPF30 PA+++

Hello peeps!
Sorry for the late update
My schedule has been really hectic lately!
Thousand apologies!

Today will be another BB review!
Not BB cream, but a BB STICK!
Its the
Skinfood Red Orange Sun Stick BB SPF30 PA+++

Now what to say about this?
Besides that

But before that
Picture time!

Look how cute it is!
I actually like this more than the Maybelline one
Simply because its in a better and more colourful packaging

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Hi guys
Today will be an emo post
So if you don’t like these kind of posts please click away~

Have you guys ever felt that your heart has been broken into a lot of pieces after you found out that the person you love has lied to you about something that you asked them to do with you when you were with them at the particular time?

Then you should understand my feeling now

I was out to a club with my friends
We were about to leave when I saw my ex walking into the club with the new love
Honestly to tell you that I’m really dumbfounded

To make it easy for you guys to understand
I will substitute the ex name with A

When I was with A at the time
A told me that clubbing wasn’t a thing for A
I asked A multiple times to come and join me
But A would say no to me no matter how many times I tried
So I gave up

But today
I saw A walking into the club I was in with the new love
Honestly I can tell you that I was dumbfounded

There I was watching A going in the club with another person
I do admit
I’m still in love with A
I been crying every night trying to forget all the memories
Trying to accept the fact that I would not be with A any more
I spend every waking moment thinking what could happen if I was still with A

I literally broke down when I saw A
I cried so hard while driving home in the car

I wanted to shout at A
For being such a liar
For making me feel like this

I still hope maybe one day A would love me back
Everyday I hope…

So guys
Tell me
Have you ever felt so cheated like me?
I want know

Evan Chang

Product Review: Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 PA+++

Hi Everyone!
Today will be a sunscreen review!

Most of you know this brand because its quite famous
Its the…
Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 PA+++
Which is another product with a freaking long name
I think the more new products come out, the longer the name they have

So without further achoo
Here are the pictures!

The product comes in a small lil’ tube
It can fit in the palm of your hand
But I have one question for Kielhs
See the number right at the bottom there?
Why only 30ml!?

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