Product Review: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

Hello sweet and lovely cupcakes!
How are you all doing?
The weather has been terrible lately being it so hot
Must be me again
I apologise for being so scorching
(Its a joke)

Today we shall be looking at one of NARS’s famous products
Recently came out and it has received raves all around the internet by bloggers and youtubers alike!
What is it you may ask?
Well you should have know by now because you must’ve looked at the title before clicking on this post am I right?

Its the..

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer!

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Product Review: Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

That’s what I have been these days!
What about you?

Its been a long 2 weeks for me due to Chinese New Year and all that jazz
But I’m bouncing back to blogging and here is my post for the hiatus!
If you’re angry or upset with me..
I do understand
But move on

*flips hair*

Today’s review will be about a foundation from Urban Decay
If you didn’t read the title of course

Its the..

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation!

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