I got a new hair cut

Hi guys!
Wondering why I haven’t been posting these few days?

Actually I have been sick for a few days
Can’t even get out of bed


I feel much better now
And what better what to celebrate being healthy again by going for a hair cut!


I quite like it!

That’s all for today!

Evan Chang

Product Review: MAC Year of The Snake Beauty Powder

Hi guys!
How are you guys doing these few days?

Its been like a furnace!
Hot and dry
Drink lots of water aite?

Today I bring to you a review of the new collection from MAC
Which is the “Year of The Snake”
Where it features items that have been printed with a snake design
I myself bought one item
Which is the…

MAC Year of The Snake Beauty Powder

For those who don’t know
Beauty powder can be used for setting your makeup where it gives a lit from within look or it can be used as a highlight

On to the review!

This is how the compact looks like
Just like any other MAC compact

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Ever asked this question?

Hi Guys!
Recently I gone through a heartbreaking moment
I will not put the details here
But I guess you guys know what is it about right?

This post will be about another topic
Its about loving and being loved

We all know that Love is a very powerful feeling
It can make or break bonds
It can build or crush an empire

But instead I continue to thought on this question
“What have I done wrong?”
Ever asked yourself that after a break up?

You committed yourself to that person
Hoping to get the same in return
But in the end
The person you loved with all your heart loses the love they had for you
It hurts
Doesn’t it?

But then you start thinking why they stopped loving you
Have you done something wrong?
Are you not good looking enough?
Are you not rich enough?
Are you not good enough for them?

I have asked myself these questions most of the time
Petrified at the thought that I may end up alone and single for the rest of my life
Scary isn’t it?

Well I guess life goes on
No choice but to be strong and move on right?

I’ll leave these questions for you guys

Till next time

Evan Chang

Product Review: MAC Casual Lip and Cheek Colour in Have a Lovely Day!

Hi guys!
Feeling the Monday blues?
Join the club
Every time I wake up on Monday
My face would look like this

But I would try to perk myself up by using this product
Which is the…

MAC Casual Lip and Cheek Colour in Have a Lovely Day!

I have been loving this since this came out in a limited collection that MAC brought out some time ago
I can hear some of you screaming at me for reviewing a product that is not available anymore
But hey!
I can only review them right?

So this is how the product looks like:

Cute and small
Like me

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