What’s you favourite fragrance?

What’s you favourite fragrance?

Hi people!
Was wondering today that what is my favourite fragrance
I personally have about 7 myself
Most of them are actually women fragrance
I just feel that they smell nicer than men’s
So my favourite fragrance is this:
I did a review for this fragrance
Which can be seen HERE
So that’s all for today folks!
Why don’t you tell me what is your favourite fragrance?
Maybe we could find a new love
Evan Chang

Product Review: The Body Shop Shower Gels for Earth Lovers

The Body Shop Shower Gels for Earth Lovers

Hey everyone!
I’m back with a shower gel review for you guys!
This its those nature lovers out there
Can I hear a “WHOOP WHOOP”?
Okay that’s so lame
Now here are the picture of how it looks:
The scent I got it in was Eucalyptus and Watermelon!
It does smell like what it was advertised
So don’t worry guys and gals!
One thing that I noticed from this shower gel is that it does not foam up a lot
It just foams up loose bubbles
Not that kind of thick thick bubbles
Which I prefer…
The nozzle is good for dispensing the product
It comes with a cap to make sure you don’t accidently waste it
The price of this shower gel is RM29.90
Rm29.90 is reasonable for the amount you’re getting..
However it is quite small if you compare it with those you buy at the drugstore/pharmacy
You know I’ve been loving this seeing as it has been finished!
Maybe it’s because it comes so freaking small
Seriously Body Shop?
It a shower gel you know
Come on L’Oreal!
Do something about it!
Overall I do like this product
So I do recommend this for all those nature lovers out there!
Evan Chang

Interview Day!

Interview Day!

Hey guys!
Today I went for an interview for my internship program for my university
So I had to dress up formally and go for the interview
I must say it was quite nerve wracking
The interviewer was a bit scary
Here are the pictures:
Before makeup
Nervous face
After styling hair
For some reason I love this pic
 I did a bit of shopping today
Went to Laura Mercier and picked up their Christmas collection!
I feel like buying everything there!
This is what I got:
That’s all for today folks!
Evan Chang

Product Review: Maybelline 2-in-1 Impact Shadow Liner

Maybelline 2-in-1 Impact Shadow Liner

Hey everyone
As you all know I’m a guy and I don’t usually wear eye makeup
But sometimes I feel like I just need a little bit of that “oopmh” to my routine
So I go for a good eyeliner!
Sometimes guys wearing eyeliner can be attractive too
Look at Adam Lambert and Johnny Depp!
Nuff Said!
So here are some pictures of the product:
The eyeliner is a black colour pencil liner
The same length with ordinary pencils
It glides on very smoothly on to the eyes
It feels really creamy
Once you let it dry
It won’t budge even though you rub it
I usually apply this liner to the upper lash line
So it make my eyes looks bigger and as though I have fuller lashes
Here is where is put it:
I feel as though my eyes looks sexier
It lasts the whole day on me
So I don’t have to worry about it smudging off and making me looks like a panda
Application 5/5
Smoothness 4/5
Longevity 4/5
Would I recommend this?
Of course!

A day with me

A day with me

Hi guys!
I was wondering what to post today
So I thought why not share what I go through in a day?
So here goes
Had to replace class in Chi Fitness PJ Trade Centre today
Here are the pics:
That’s me by the way
The Power House!
My view when I teach the class

KL Shopping Time

Shopping Spoils!

So that’s my weekend for this week
How did you guys spend you weekend?
Leave your comments below!
Evan Chang

Something about me

Hi guys!
Was wondering about what should I bought today
So I thought why not tell you guys about me today
Here goes:
This is me eating a cake haha
I’m a 20 year old boy from Malaysia
I love make-up and dancing
I’m currently pursuing a Marketing degree and enjoying it
I’m also teaching Zumba classes at various locations
Also I’m a headhunter for Agensi Perkerjaan Lee Chang Sdn Bhd
Below is the website of my Zumba profile:
Click Here
I think that’s all I can say for now
Talk to you guys next time!
Evan Chang


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