Product Review: Lioele Have to Men BB Triple

Lioele Have to Men BB Triple

Hi guys!
Girls step back for this post
For today I am going to review a product for men!
Just kidding
Both men and women can use this product
I’m going to review for you guys the Lioele Have to Men BB Triple
Lioele’s version of a BB cream for men
Here are the picture of the product along with my face and swatches:
Product comes in a matte black squeeze tube
Very classy
The squeeze tube looks like this
Quite small
Able to fit in the palm of your hand
Product is quite liquid
Not very thick
Which means not a lot of coverage
Slightly blended
Fully blended
As you can see
It DOES NOT have a matte finish to it
It is very glossy and shiny
I highly suggest you powder this down to avoid looking oily
The product smells like your typical EDT
It’s nothing strong
Very suitable for men
With most BB creams
It only comes in ONE colour
Before BB Cream
After BB cream
It evened out my skintone
Hid some of the redness
However it does not provide high coverage
I would say light to medium coverage at most
This BB cream lasts a long time on me WITHOUT POWDER
Granted I did not sweat or anything
However it made me look very shiny the whole day
So conclusion:
Colour 1/5
Smell 3/5
Texture 3/5 Too runny for my liking
Coverage 2/5
Finish: Dewy
Would I recommend this?
To oily skin peeps? NO
To dry skin peeps? Maybe
To Combination skin peeps? Maybe
To Normal skin peeps? You don’t need it, your skin is probably flawless
To sensitive skin peeps? Try to this test this out at Sungei Wang before purchasing this BB cream
Evan Chang

Steamboat day and some new findings!

Hey guys!
I’m back with another posts
So let’s see what was I up to today
Notice anything funny?
Had lunch at Ichiban Ramen today after gym
Was sitting alone
Sad face
This was what I had

New findings at Watson

They had a new isle that was dedicated to Japanese and Korean cosmetics
Shall try these out soon!

Steamboat dinner with ma flashmob students

So yeah
That’s what I did today
Let me know what did you guys do for your weekend!
Till next time
Evan Chang

Product Review: Vichy Eau Thermale Thermal Spa Water

Vichy Eau Thermale Thermal Spa Water

Hi guys!
I’m back with another post!
Today I shall review a facial spray
Its the Vichy Eau Thermale Thermal Spa Water
Now I know Vichy has withdrawn out of Malaysia
So its very hard to get hold of this
Don’t worry
Because there are other facial sprays out there
So this is how the product looks like:
The product comes in a white spray can with a blue cap
You have 3 sizes
Small Medium and Large
The one that I’m currently reviewing is the Large one
It is a pressurized can
So you just have to press and it will continuously spray out
This is how the spray nozzle looks like
It sprays a very fine mist
So you can’t see it
I’m actually pressing on it
This products is just your typical facial spray
At the end of the day
It’s still water
Might as well put Green Tea in a spray bottle and use that
More benefits from it actually
It’s good for days where you need a little cooling off but it just does that only
Nothing else
I don’t use this so set my makeup
You can find similar products from Avene and Uriage
I do not recommend this
It’s really just water
Evan Chang

Product Review: Garnier Light B.B Instant Fairness Roll On

Garnier Light B.B Instant Fairness Roll On

Hey guys!
Today I am going to review for you an under eye concealer!
Its from Garnier and its called the Garnier Light B.B Instant Fairness Roll On
That’s such a long name ==’
So without further ado
Here are the swatches and pictures of the product:
It is slightly shorter than a pen
It uses a metal ball to roll on the concealer
It feels cooling to the eyes when you roll it on
Good for depuffing your morning tired eyes!
The colour is quite light!
Sad for those with darker skins as it will make you look ashy
It has a slightly metallic scent to it
Fully blended
It is very easy to blend
Just for reference I’m NC20
So yeah
It is that light!
There are several ways you can apply and blend this out:
Stila brush
Quite good for inner corner
Blending brush for a more softer finish
Even you can use the bigger head one
Or the cheapest and easiest one
In conclusion:
Scent 2/5
Colour 2/5
Packaging 4/5
Blendability 4/5
Coverage: Light to Medium
I recommend this to those with fair skin
But not to darker skins
Evan Chang

Happy Deepavali!

Happy Deepavali!

Happy Deepavali Everyone!
How did you guys spend your holiday?
I spent mine doing assignment and 2 hours of ZUMBA!
Here are the pictures of the event:
So that it for today guys!
Let me know how did you spend your Deepavali!
Life is only exciting when only you want it to be!
Evan Chang

Monday Blues?

Monday Blues?

Hi Everyone!
Welcome back
=DSo guys
Do you experience Monday Blues?
Personally I find that a good shopping kicks all the blues away!So here are some pictures of my purchases today

So tell me guys
How do you kick your Monday Blues in the arse?
Evan Chang

Product Review: Elianto Kabuki Brush

Elianto Kabuki Brush

Hello my lovelies!
Today I am going to review for you guys
One of the staples of my makeup brushes
I love kabuki brushes
I feel they’re very cute and useful
You can use them to:
Apply mineral makeup
Apply your finishing powders
Blend in your blush
Apply your bronzer
Its just that versatile!
So here are the picture of the product:
This is a kabuki brush!
Not to be confused with the Sigma ones
The Sigma ones may be called kabuki brushes too
But a true kabuki brush should be a fluffy and soft brush that is used to blend out your makeup
Look how cute it is!
It’s so small and portable that I just wanna eat it up!
It’s sooooo soft…
I feel like rubbing my face with it all day long..
I have this brush for about 2 years now
It never shed on me or given me any problems
The handle is easy to grip on
Just the right thickness and length
So guys
What are you waiting for?
If you need a good kabuki brush for blending
Go ahead and try this!
That’s all for today folks!
Evan Chang

Saturday! What do I do!?

Flashmob Practice!
Lunch at Popeyes!
Getting ready to go out
Sunway Pyramid
Just walking through Sunway Pyramid
Testing out my cam for future videos
Paradigm Mall!
Ate at Sushi Zanmai
Food was fantastic!
Finally at home
Today I got some free goodies!
Got myself a goodie bag and a wrist band
Today is 10.11.12
Also known as Worldwide NET Cancer Day
The zebra is so cute!
Finally after a long day
Nothing beats ending your day like doing a mask!
I’m using My Beauty Diary mask as it is currently my favourite
That’s all for today folks!
Evan Chang

Product Review: Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes

Hello my beautiful souls!
I want to ask you guys a question
Have you ever had a thick layer of makeup on your face and wondered how are you going to take it off?
Obviously you want to take it off until there are no more traces of makeup on your face
Well I have something to help you guys do just that!
Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes!
I have always been a big fan of Simple
Their skincare is one of the more safer ones out there
So on to the review!
Here is how the product looks like:
You get 25 pieces for a packet
You just need one as it is really effective
Contains Vital Vitamins, NO ALCOHOL!, no perfume and no colour
This is how the wipe looks like
It is very soft on the face
Not abrasive at all
Your face will be red normally because you are rubbing your skin
So naturally that will happen
Although they said that it contains no perfume
I can smell a kind of soothing cucumberry scent from it
So if you feel like you need to find a good cleansing wipe
I 100% recommend this!
Evan Chang
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