Product Review: Bloop de Paris Flawless Cover Foundation

Bloop de Paris Flawless Cover Foundation

Hi Guys!
I’m back with a foundation review!
Today its the
Bloop de Paris Flawless Cover Foundation
I don’t know why there isn’t a lot of reviews on Bloop products
My use of their products has been very nice for me
I feel that this brand doesn’t get as much recognition as others
Which is a sad thing
So without further ado
Here are the pictures:
Product comes in a matte black squeeze tube
The same size with the Holika Holika BB Cream and the Garnier BB Cream
Which I review it HERE
Piece of advice when buying this foundation
It oozes out none stop!
My color is 204
Similar to my MAC shade NC20
According to Bloop
This is a light-weight liquid foundation that gives moderate coverage
Which should be meaning light to medium coverage
Gives a flawless matte finish
Smooth away wrinkles and repair age related skin damage
It also contains Vitamin E and UV filters
This is how it looks when it freshly applied
It suits my skin fairly well
True to its name
It does give light to medium coverage
Gives a semi matte finish
I applied my holy grail loose powder and touched up with some concealer
I also used a primer before applying the foundation
This is how it looks like after 6 hours
The oil on my face is peeking through and there is no fade
The foundation is a yellow toned liquid with a runny texture
This is unblended
Slightly blended
Fully blended
It does have a smell to it
Kind of a really clean water kind of scent
You think of very filtered water when you smell it
Texture 4/5
Oil control 4/5
Colour 3/5 Still a bit too light
Smell 3/5
Packaging 3/5
Blendability 4/5
I like this foundation
It evens out my skintone and let my natural skin show through
It gives the benefits it promises
I don’t know much about the anti-aging though
But I certainly feel a connection with this foundation and I feel that I will go back to this often
So why not try it?
Bloop is having a promotion anyway!
That’s all for today
Evan Chang

Dinner at Plan B

Hi guys!
Sorry I haven’t been updating lately
There’s been a lot of work lately..
Today I had my dinner at Plan B Paradigm Mall!
The food was delicious!
Here is what I ate:
I had the carbonara!
This is what my dinner partner had
There’s a lot of tomatoes in it!
I must say that this dining experience is a fairly good one!
I enjoyed eating here and would definitely be eating here again!
Till next time
Evan Chang

Product Review: Garnier Instant Fairness BB Moisturizer

 Garnier Instant Fairness BB Moisturizer

Hi guys!
I’m doing another BB cream review!
By now I know some of you will be thinking how many BB creams do I have
Let’s just say that I’m a very avid fan of BB creams
So today’s review will be on the
 Garnier Instant Fairness BB Moisturizer
This BB cream promises 10 benefits
Which are:
1. Radiance
2. Even skin tone
3. Less dark spots
4. Less visible imperfections
5. Reduce redness
6. Smoothness
7. More hydrated
8. Less visible lines
9. Less visible pores
10. Healthy glow
Also it is oil free and fragrance free
Does not clog pores and suitable for all skin types and tones
So let’s see does it deliver shall we?
Here are the pictures:
Product comes in a squeeze tube with a white cap
The tube is about the same size with the Holika Holika BB cream
Which I did a review HERE
I don’t like this packaging though
Feel a but cheap to me
One thing which irked me a lot was the amount it comes in
Like really?
That is very little when compared to other BB cream brands out there!
Why Garnier!
This is how the squeeze nozzle looks like
Apologise for the brown spot there
I was testing out a new bronzer
Slightly blended
Fully blended
It looks a tad dark on my skin
It is also due to that I’m really fair
It blends fairly easily
Remember about Garnier saying that it is fragrance free?
It does have a fragrance
It smells a bit like plastic
Remember Garnier claiming that this is suited for ALL skin tones?
Seriously Garnier?
Does this look like it suits all skin tones?
*Presses wrong answer button*
So this is how it looks on my face:
Freshly applied
I wore this during my day off where I know I was going anywhere
So I didn’t bother to powder it
As you can see
It has a dewy finish
It gives a sheer to light coverage
My pores looks diminished and there is less redness on my face
My skin does looks more radiant and even toned
My pimples were not really covered by this BB cream
Skin feels slightly more hydrated
I can’t say about lines because I don’t have them yet
This is how it looks like after 5 hours
Still holding up quite good
But bear in mind I didn’t go anywhere while wearing this
So conclusion:
Texture 3/5
Smell 1/5
Colour 2/5
Packaging 2/5
Blendability 3/5
Coverage: Sheer to Light
This BB cream promises 10 benefits which delivers to a certain extent
But it is not for everyone
I think this BB cream would be more suited to people with Dry to Normal Skin, are in a NC20-NC35 range and have fairly good skin
Seriously I’m tired of western company making false claims for BB Cream
*ahem* Suit all skin tones *ahem*
That’s all for today guys!
Evan Chang

Rachel K has finally landed in Malaysia!

Hi guys!
I have exciting news for you today!
Rachel K has finally reached the shores of Malaysia!
First thing when I heard the news
I went straight to Guardian to purchase their famous CC cream!
And let me tell you
I have a feeling that I will LOVE it!
So here are the pictures of what I bought:
I also picked up the new Hada Labo Alr BB Cream
I can’t wait to try them
That’s all for today
Till next time
Evan Chang

How do I manage stress?

Hi guys!
As you all know
I’ve been under a lot of stress lately
So I thought
Why not share out how do I mange my stress?
So let’s start shall we?
The first thing that I do when I’m stressed is to breathe deeply
I take long deep breaths and try to cool myself down
I find this very effective because when I’m stressed up
My nasal passages tend to block up and I need to pant
So taking deep breaths do help
Go for a walk
Sometimes you just have to let it go for awhile and just try to get your mind off things
So give yourself some time for yourself and go for a walk or something
When you come back
You’ll find that the work that needs to be done goes more smoothly
It’s almost like magic
Pamper Yourself
Personally this is my favourite way of relieving stress
Maybe it’s due to because I’m a shopaholic
Try spending on something that makes you feel good
Or maybe
Go to a spa for a facial or something
It will make you feel less stressed out than you originally were
This is one methods that I use all the time
It is also the reason why I love Zumba so much
Exercise let’s your body release chemicals in your body called Endorphins
It is a hormone (I think) that lifts up your mood and makes you feel happier!
Exercise helps you lose weight and stay sexy!
So why not exercise?
You will be surprised at how much you can lift when you are stressed about work
I did 30kg of Bench Press once when I was really stressed
and I’m not even that strong!
I know exercise is very tiring
Do try it
Especially if you do dancing or any cardio workouts
Scream out your frustration and watch it melt away!
Listen to some music
Usually I find a good piece of instrumental music like
Kingdom Hearts – Friend in My Heart really sets the calm mood
You could also try Leaves in the Wind by Isaac Sheperd
I find music plays an important role in my life
It sets my mood most of the time
So make sure you choose songs that makes you relaxed
Play with makeup!
This is for those girls out there
Excluding me and some guys who likes makeup of course!
Just play with your make-up
You will be surprised at how therapeutic it can be!
Apply a whole face of makeup just for the heck of it
Wash it off and feel your stress wash away with it!
Play some games
If you’re stressed
Just plug in your console or start up your PC/Laptop
and just slay that B**** Warwick and Taric!
I’m referring to LoL btw
And yes
I am also a gamer
I’m not just make-up and exercise okay
I do play on my PS3 and PC most of the time when I’m free
So please
Do not judge me so quickly!
So basically that’s what I do to relieve stress
Do let me know what do you do to relieve stress in the comments
That’s all for today folks!
Evan Chang

Product Review: TheFaceShop HD-Perfect BB Cream

TheFaceShop HD-Perfect BB Cream

Hey guys!
I’m back with another BB cream review!
Today it’s TheFaceShop HD-Perfect BB Cream
TheFaceShop claims that its good for HD photos and videos
So let’s see how it fare shall we?
Here is some pictures of the product:
Matte gold Squeeze tube that is the same size with the Aqua Tinted BB cream
Which I done a review and you can view it HERE
I got mine is the shade 02 Natural Beige
This is how the squeeze tube looks like
Slightly blended
Fully blended with a bit of grey casts!
But it adapts to skin tone in time
So is it HD photo friendly?
In my opinion
I think it does a great job without flash
When flash is on
Your face will look like the MOON
So let’s get to the product performance:
The BB cream is very easy to spread and blend
It absorbs quickly into the skin
Adapts to my skin within 5 minutes
It smells like some of the other TheFaceShop BB creams
A bit of a floral scent mixed with baby powder
What a weird combination
It gives heavy coverage while not looking cakey at all
It looks very natural actually!
It dries to a natural matte finish
Giving the look of skin
It controls the secretion of oil of my face up to 4 hours
Then I start to get oily around my T-zone
It doesn’t make my skin break out in anyway
So I guess this is one of those BB cream that just satisfies most people criteria!
Blendability 4/5
Coverage 3/5
Smell 3/5
Finish: Natural Matte
Would I recommend this?
There are other BB cream that has the same functions, nonetheless its still a good BB cream
However this is one BB cream that is more suited for oily skinned people
So dry skin people, do find another BB cream!
That’s all for today!
Evan Chang

Zumba Fitness anybody?

Hi Everyone!
I’m back with another post!
Today I am going to let you guys know one of my passions!
Which is…
Yes ladies and gentlemen!
Evan Chang
Am a certified Zumba Instructor!
Here are some pictures of my Zumba Adventure:
This is my Zumba family!
I love them!
Zumbathon earlier this year during June
One of my masters
Sunny Cheong!
I look like an advertisement for Fitnesse
Look how many people love Zumba!
This was last’s year Deepavali Zumba!
and its all thanks to this guy!
My master who planted the passion of Zumba into me!
Deno Au!
Thank you sifu!
If you wanna know where do I teach classes
Do log on to my Zumba website
Which can be accessed HERE
So do check it out guys!
That’s all for today!
Evan Chang
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