Product Review: TheFaceShop Natural SunAQ Oil Cut Sun Cream SPF40 PA++

TheFaceShop Natural SunAQ Oil Cut Sun Cream SPF40 PA++

Miss me?
Today I am going to review for you guys a sunblock!
Isn’t that exciting?
So for those Candle Princesses out there
Please rejoice now!
Also this is for those oily skin peeps out there!
This is how the product looks like along with some swatches as usual:
Now TheFaceShop claims that it has the infamous Acai Berry inside it
Remember when everyone went crazy because of it?
Now the packaging is 12cm in height and 6cm in length
It comes with a squeeze tube that dispenses the product nicely
The product is a white cream that smells floral
It spreads easily and blends easily into the skin
TheFaceShop market this sunblock to those with oily skin
and I must say
I was out for almost 12 hours and my face was totally matte!
Like seriously
I never have experienced this kind of oil control level before!
It gives a protection of SPF40 PA++
Not the standard SPF50
It is still enough protection for the whole day!
But a word of caution when using this sunblock
Do not apply makeup on top of it
You are going to experience streaks and dots on your face if you do that
I suggest you use a primer first before applying your makeup to ensure it glides on smoothly
Also it does make your face noticeably fairer by a teeny bit
So please do take note!
Texture 4/5
Smell 4/5
Colour 2/5 may looks ashy if applied too much on darker skin
So do I recommend this?
I recommend this to oily skin people like me, TOTAL MATTE finish for 12 hours! TWELVE!
To dryer skin people, please find a more moisturising one, don’t torture yourself
Evan Chang

Product Review: Stila Perfect & Correct Foundation

Stila Perfect & Correct Foundation

Hey guys!
I’m going off my track today to review for you guys a foundation!
So for those who don’t like BB creams
Actually I still think BB cream is better compared to foundations because of its benefits
But of well
Everyone has different opinions and needs
So here is the picture of the product:
Kinda looks like DNA doesn’t it
My shade is fair like I am XD
As you guys can see from the pictures
It looks like the foundation is swirled into a primer and moisturiser
It looks like DNA XD
The bottle is 11cm in height and 3cm in width
So it is quite small
However it contains the standard 30ml of product!
This is how the foundation looks like:
Slightly blended
Fully blended
Stila has 8 shades for this foundation
Yes I know it is a small range
However the foundation has light to medium coverage so you still can adjust it to your skin tone
As you guys can see from the pictures
The coverage is actually quite sheer
You can top it to light or medium coverage if you want
But it may look cakey so yeah
According to the packaging of the foundation
This foundation gives you a youthful and flawless complexion
It is infused with a bio-available mineral complex
So it improves the look and feel of your skin
It is swirled with a advanced moisturising primer that nourishes your skin all day
It also contains patent antioxidants and chamomile*thumbs up for chamomile*
It is high definition, high performance and long lasting
The foundation has a typical foundation smell to it
A very light foundation scent that is similar to MAC Studio Fix Fluid
It has no SPF so it looks good in pictures
Like this:
Without powder
With powder
AS we all know
SPF can sometimes reflect light making us look like we’re dead for a century
It is easy to blend
IT IS very blendable!
It glides on my skin with no problem at all!
It does control my oil for about 3 hours with powder
So I don’t think this is a very good oil controlling foundation
Those with very oily skin (like me) please take note!
It is quite moisturising and it gives a cooling sensation when applied to the face
I do notice that my skin feels like it is absorbing the product
So I don’t know whether is that good or not
Meaning that when Stila said it contains ingredients that are good for your skin
It should be true then
This foundation hasn’t break me out
I don’t notice any breakout after using this for a month
So it should be all good
Packaging 5/5 SWIRLY!
Texture 5/5
Blendability 4/5
Coverage 2.5/5
Smell 2/5
So what kind of people do i recommend this foundation to?
People who are looking a light coverage foundation that photographs nicely and for people who likes a hydrating foundation
Don’t worry guys!
I’ll have more updates soon!
Evan Chang

Product Review: TheFaceShop Power Perfection BB Cream Review and a Mini HaulThe pump

TheFaceShop Power Perfection BB Cream Review

Hello and welcome back my lovely people!
Today I am going to review one of the most popular TheFaceShop has to offer
Which is the the Power Perfection BB Cream!
The product looks like this:
My shade is Natural Beige
The Pump
Side View
The packaging is a hard tube that is 15.5cm in height and 4cm in width
It is a very solid tube and it comes with a pump
Which is common for a BB cream
And best of all
Now to the important part
The BB cream of course!
Here are some pictures of the BB cream:
BB cream with grey cast
Slightly blended, has a bit of pink
Blended before oxidise
Blended and oxidised
The BB cream is a grey colour cream
It does oxidise and adapts to your skintone as usual with all BB cream
There are two shades that are available for this BB cream
Light Beige and Natural Beige
I chose the Natural Beige because the SA told me Light Beige is very pale
Honestly I don’t know because I’m usually in the lightest shades of foudations
The BB cream contains and SPF of 37 with PA+++
It is considered as good protection especially if you live in a country such as Malaysia
It gives a FULL coverage
and seriously folks
When I say it gives full coverage
I mean FULL COVER YOUR FACE coverage
Your blemishes will be covered and redness will be hidden
I don’t feel that it is heavy on my skin
But I do notice that I feel like there’s a layer covering my skin
It’s not an unpleasant sensation at all
The BB cream has a powdery scent to it
Almost like sniffing old lady perfume
It is easy to blend
I have no problems blended it in and patting it in to my skin
It doesn’t break me out
and doesn’t give me any irritations or whatsoever
It does control my oil very well
I only had to blot one time when trying this BB cream throughout the game
This is how my face looks like with the BB cream on:
And this is how the BB crem looks like after 7 hours:
Add caption

Not much shine at all!
So thumbs up for oil control!
So in conclusion
Packaging 3/5 I don’t like hard packaging
Texture 4/5
Colour 3/5 Again it doesn’t suit darker skintones
Smell 2/5 Old lady again ugh
Oil Control 5/5
Do I recommend this?
If you have oily fair skin like me then yes, by all means do buy this
If you have darker skin and dry skin, I do suggest trying to find another alternative BB cream

Mini Haul!

It comes with a sponge
I paid a visit to Bloop Cosmetic and Holika Holika today!
I bought some foundations and concealers and BB creams
Will update you guys once I tested them out!
Evan Chang

Product Review: Hada Labo Cleansing Oil

Hada Labo Cleansing Oil Review

Do you know what is the most satisfying thing when you come home after a day of work?
Taking off your make up of course!
There’s nothing like the sensation of taking of that layer of products that protects your skin after a long day
Just like shedding you skin eh?
Today I’m going review the Hada Labo Cleansing Oil for you guys
Here are some pictures of the bottle:
Front part
Back part
Packaging so misleading lor
Kinda looks like…. HAHAHAHAHA!
Now onwards to the product review!
The product comes in a bottle with a pump that dispenses the product quite well
I have no gripes about the pump
It doesn’t get stucked or clogged up so no problem there
What I feel a bit ticked off is the misleading packaging!
I was expecting a yellow oil but it came out clear instead
However once it comes in contact with water it becomes a milky liquid anyway
Similar like something we know hor
Now it cleans my face very thoroughly
I don’t feel any hints or leftovers from the make up that I wear throughout the day
It does not dry out my skin
I do double cleanse every single time!
I feel that we all should actually!
It does what it was marketed for but still…
Sorry but I have something about packaging
A word of warning though
It does contain MINERAL OIL
So for those who are sensitive to it please do stay away from it
So far I have no problems with this product
So do I recommend to buy this?
If you want a cleansing oil that can be found in the drugstore/highstreet/pharmacy
Then yes I do recommend you trying this cleansing oil
However if you think you’re sensitive to mineral oil then please do stay away OR if you think cheap cleansing oils are crap and you look down upon cheap products then please don’t buy it. XD
Evan Chang

Product Review: Missha Perfect Cover BB cream

Missha Perfect Cover BB cre

*Turns around in a chair*
I’m back with another BB cream review guys!
Yes I do know that I do a lot of BB cream reviews
I’m a guy you see
I use more face products than eye and lips
So please do not ask me to try them
I will look ridiculous in them anyway
Today I am going to review one of famous BB creams that is available to most of the world
For those who do not know what a BB cream is
Here are some pictures of the product:
My shade is No.21 Light Beige
Cap to protect the pump
Awesome pump

The packaging is a 14 cm height with a width of 5.5cm
It had a red flexible tube with a pump that is guarded by a cap
I like the shiny part too
So shiny >.<

Now let’s talk about the main thing
THE BB Cream!
But first
Here are some pictures of the BB cream:

Has a grey cast to the cream

Slightly blended
Fully Blended
After oxidised
There are 5 shades for this BB cream
Which is very good because they also kept in mind that not everyone has the same skin tone!
It contains an SPF 42 PA+++
SPF 42!
That’s real protection right there folks!
It’s like having a titanium condom
This BB cream gives a medium to full coverage and dries down to a matte finish
It is good for people who are suffering from acne and discolouration
I did notice a change in my skin while using this BB cream
It does heal my skin like what Missha says about it
It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin at all
On the contrary it feels like there’s nothing on my face at all
It lasts all day long on me and controls my oil production quite well
I do need to blot however when I reach about 3 hours in to it
That’s normal for me because my skin is like an oil slick
It does have a powdery scent to it
Almost like old make-up smell
It does dissipate after awhile though
So no worries there
It is very easy to blend
Almost like soft warm butter
It may seem a bit thick at first
But once you trying blending it in
You will notice it glides over you skin like silk
It doesn’t break me out (most bb cream don’t break me out anyway)
I do know some people who break out from this BB cream though
So do please ask for a sample when buying this BB cream
Packaging 5/5
Texture 5/5
Colour 5/5 
Effects 4/5
Smell 3/5 
Do I recommend to buy this BB cream?
It depends
If you have good skin and just need a bit of coverage I’d say go for something else like maybe the THEFACESHOP Aqua Tinted BB Cream
If you have acne and red patches on your skin I’d say maybe try this BB cream out
Evan Chang

Fabulous Finds September Box and some buys from Sasa

Fabulous Finds September

The box this months features brands like:
Elizabeth Arden (Gold ultra restorative capsules)
Essence (Eyeshadow and Lipgloss)
Clairol Professional (Shampoo and Hair mask)
Narciso Rodriguez (perfume)
Since I DONT use eyeshadow, lipgloss and the perfume
Which is a feminine scent I might add
I would give them to my mom
That leaves me the gold capsules and the shampoo and hair mask
This month’s box doesn’t really do it since I’m a guy
But I definitely would try the products!
P.S. There are THREE full sized items in the box this month!

The Balm

Will be reviewing this soon for you guys after I tried these out
I read good reviews on these so I want to try them
Till next time
Love ,
Evan Chang

Product Review: MAC Blot Powder (Pressed)

I’m back with another review for you guys!
This time its a MAC product!
You know when you really like a product
You tend to use it over and over again
Until its finished
This is what happened to me!
Here are some pictures of the pressed powder:
Classic MAC packaging
I use my own sponge
Now here are some swatches:
Thick layer
Now on to the product review
The product comes in a 7cm in length diameter compact
It does comes with a powder puff but I threw it away because it was crap anyway
The powder itself is a pressed powder
It has a very fine texture and does have a faint powdery scent
It is very easy to blend and melds into the skin easily
I have mine in the shade medium
But the powder itself is quite transparent so it is quite easy for all skintones to use
It does control the oil on my face SPECTACULARLY
I use this after I blotted my face during the day and applied this powder
It controls the sebum on my face for up to 5 hours!
This is considered good because
After I set my makeup
It only lasted me for 4 hours when the oilyness start showing
Add on another 5 hours and that’s almost half a day gone!
It lasted me quite awhile as well
I had this powder for almost a year now
I only hit pan yesterday
Maybe it because I only use this on my T-zone and the sides of my nose
So would I recommend this to everyone?
Evan Chang

Perfume Review: Laura Mercier Eau Gourmande in Almond Coconut

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut

I decided to do something different for my reviews today
So I made a detour and I’m gonna review a perfume for you guys
I shall be reviewing my Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Perfume today
Please do note that I am not an expert when it comes to scents
So please do bear with me
Or IF you can’t
Just click away =D
Here are some pictures of the perfume:
Kinda looks like pee don’t you think? XD
Spray cap dispense perfume quite well
Now on to the perfume scent
The scent reminds me of COOKIES!
Yes my dearies
Mai god…
It smells like a angel just peed all over me and dumped me into a tub of fresh cookies left to ferment for 40 days and 40 nights!
Jokes aside
Laura describes this scent as:
Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Eau de Toilette, inspired by the Laura Mercier Body & Bath Gourmande Collection, captures the essence of almond, coconut milk, jasmine, rosewood, ylang-ylang, vanilla, tonka, heliotrope & musk.
How long does the scent last?
It lasted me for at least 8 hours
Whole day in Uni and doing stuff and… Stuff?
Well for me I like smelling like a freshly baked cookie though
But I know for some
The scent might not be appealing to some of you guys
I have a friend who said the perfume smelled powdery
So anyway
If you like warm scents that reminds you of butter and milk baked into heavenly goodness
Then buy it
If not
Then don’t!
Easy as that huh?


Phone Cover >.<

Thank you to those who gave me presents!
I feel so happy to have you as my friends!

Evan Chang
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