August Favourites!

August Favourites!

The Face Shop E’thym O2 Moisture Lotion
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion
Holika Holika BB cream for men (Review)
Powder Brush from some shop >.< Natural Hair
BodyShop Concealer in Shade 08
Holika Holika Liquid Concealer in Shade 02
MAC Casual Colour Lip and Cheek Colour
MAC Blot Powder in Medium
Elite Just Perfect Primer
Holika Holika Clearing Petit BB cream(Review)
MAC Bronzer in Nude On Board
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Medium Dark
Elianto Natural Mineral Loose Powder in Rose Beige
MUFE HD Foundation in Shade 117
All the products about are those that I have been using everyday.
It usually makes up my face routine
The FaceShop and Clinique moisturisers are only used at night because they can make my skin oily
I usually use the Holika Holika BB cream when I rushing out of the house because it easy and fast to apply
When I need a bit more coverage and don’t have time I use the Petit Clearing BB cream
If I have the time and I need coverage
I use the primer and the HD foundation and set it with Elianto loose powder with the powder brush
For bronzers
I use the MAC when I use foundation and I use the Mineralized Skinfinish for BB cream
The BodyShop concealer is used on my acne and the Holika Holika under my eyes
Reviews will be coming up soon!
Don’t worry!
Evan Chang

Product Review: Holika Holika Clearing Petit BB Cream SPF30 PA+++ Review

A BB cream with Acne Fighting Ingredients?!

Hey everyone!
I’m back with another BB cream review
Since I’m a guy
I only review face make up products and skin care products
So don’t expect me to review eye make up yeah (except eyeliner because I use it sometimes)
Here is how the product looks like:
You can see it comes in a very portable packaging
The packaging is 12cm in height and 3cm in length
Which means it is quite easy to carry it around!
The amount you get is 30ml
Which is a normal amount for a BB cream!
It dispenses the product with a squeeze tube
But you have to be careful of squeezing too much!
It retails at about RM30++ (not sure)
Which is very affordable!
This is how the BB cream looks like:
A yellowish beigey tinge which comes out natural
This is how it looks like blended

Just like their BB cream for men
It looks quite natural when blended out
It does have a faint scent but it dissipates when you blend it out
It smells kinda floral and does not smell like tea tree oil
Colour wise it will oxidise to your skin when you leave it for about a minute
It offers medium to full coverage also!

This is me after applying the BB cream:
It does looks a bit lighter than my skin because I’m a bit tanner now
Just set it with a bit of powder and it will last the whole day
The finish of the BB cream is MATTE!
Yes you read it right
Hallelujah for those fair and oily skin peeps out there!
It does control oil for about 6 hours
Which is really good for a BB cream!
Oh and it did not made me break out
So for those who says BB cream blocks your pores
As long as you take it off properly and don’t sleep in it
You should be fine!
So overall:
Scent 4/5
Colour 4/5
Packaging 3/5
Blendability 4/5
Coverage: Medium to Full
This BB cream is good for fair oily skinned people and it offers a SPF of 30PA++
However it is a bit hard to blend and the smell may not appeal to some
Overall it is a good product if you’re looking for a medium to full coverage BB cream
Evan Chang

You be trolling round the mountain

Is anyone being sick of something called trolling thats being a trend now?
Let me get a definition from Wikipedia:
“In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[4] The noun troll may refer to the provocative message itself, as in: “That was an excellent troll you posted.”
While the word troll and its associated verb trolling are associated with Internet discourse, media attention in recent years has made such labels subjective, with trolling describing intentionally provocative actions and harassment outside of an online context. For example, mass media has used troll to describe “a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families.”[5][6]”
For those who did not bother to read
Trolling is simply making someone infuriated/angry with your non-logical remarks
Yeah it kinda pisses me off
Trolling someone doesn’t make you smarter not better
It makes you a prick
Thats right
(or jerk however you want to call it)
You’re just being a god damned asshole
So stop trolling
Be sarcastic instead XD
Evan Chang

Product Review: MAC Fix+

Product Review: Mac Fix+

Hey guys! I’m back with another product review!
This time its the raved about MAC Fix+
Here are some pictures of it:
Opaque bottle
Spray lock
Back of the product

Now on to the review

Basically this is just you normal face spray
It has some ingredients good for the skin
It can be used as a toner and as a setting spray for you make up
The way I use this is just as a refresher spray
I tried it for setting my make up but I didn’t like it
It has a nice soothing scent to it that I find relaxing
I hate the smell of lavender!

I find the price ridiculous!
MAC sells it for more than RM50++
For a bottle of water with some beneficial ingredients
Its much better if you spray something else on your face lor!
If you know what I mean 😛

So overall,

Scent 4/5
Packaging 4/5
Price 1/5

Evan Chang

Product Review (and a little bit of something else) Holika Holika Shiny Homme B.B cream FOR MEN!

Holika Holika Shiny Homme B.B cream FOR MEN Review

No you didn’t see the title wrong
Yes my fellow masculinist
Companies are starting to see that makeup isn’t for women only
Shouldn’t we do the same?
After all

Product breakdown 

This is how the product looks like:
Yes its says shiny
SPF 15!
Slim and easy to carry!
The product is from the Shiny Homme range which is aimed towards men with oily skin (duh it has the name shiny in it!)
It comes in a small and sturdy packaging
For those who want the exact measure of the product
It is exactly 11.5 cm in height and 3.5 cm in length
The packaging in my opinion is awesome!
It looks simple and masculine
Not to mention sturdy!
Don’t be shy carrying this around yeah!
Just put it in your backpack and off you go
It can be also used after gym after you shower and make sure you apply your moisturiser!
The B.B cream is dispensed by a squeeze tube
Below is the product dispensed:
It’s a yellow toned B/B cream!
Slightly Blended
Fully Blended!
As you can see from the picture
It is very natural looking
It blends in to the skin perfectly!
The way this product works is that it enhances your skin and not covering your whole face like cement
It is very blendable!
Onto my face without the B.B cream!
 WITH the B.B cream
Much better XD

I applied it with my fingers with patting motions
I shall do a demo post soon!

As you can see from the pictures above along with my pimply face
The coverage is quite good!
It covers most of the redness while still showing your skin thru
It looks very natural and it gives a light to medium coverage
From the colour
Obviously it only suits Light to Light medium skin tones
For guys out there
It means people with fair to slightly tanned skin
I do not recommend this for tanned to dark skin men though
It will look like you’ve covered your face in ash!

It gives a matte finish and it controls sebum secretion on my face for about 5 hours
Which is very impressive considering my face becomes and oil slick in 1 hour after washing

Packaging 5/5
Coverage: Light to medium
Blendbility 5/5
Product 5/5
Overall 5/5

Would I recommend this to other people?

So guys and men!
(provided you have the same skin tone like me of course)

Little bit of something else

Today I realize something
The reason I’m still single is because I look worse in my pictures
And friend who visited me today told me I look so much more better in person
It just goes to show that people do look at how your looks first before making the decision to date you
Why do we have to live in this cruel world?

Second day of posting

Will you love me back?

Hopefully I can continue blogging everyday judging from my past experience (and failing miserably I might add)
I’ve been thinking about you whole day long…
I keep wondering whether are you happy now
Whether will you love me back if I told you that I miss you
I want you to love me back…
But I realize that I’m not good enough…

Too many hunks coming out?

Any of you here feel that being buffed is being more and more common these days?
I mean look everywhere
When I look left, buff body with lots of muscles including six packs
Look right, you see the same thing
Being buff used to be something really unique
But it seems to be getting more and more common these days
Maybe that’s why people are complaining that they can’t find anyone anymore
It really is a eat or be eaten world out there
As for me
I am aiming for my goal
A Y shaped body
Just that I don’t know when would I achieve it
It’s kinda sad to think about it actually
Especially when you know what kind of community you belong to
Where everyone is superficial…


Oh by the way!
I’ll be starting my product reviews soon
I’m so excited to start my first product review
I wonder what should i review first…
Evan Chang

A new start

I’m restarting to blog all over again
This blog will contain thoughts and my comments on events, products and happenings that are around me.
If you offended by the content of this blog, immediately click away
The internet has enough hate and trolls already.
Any hateful or non constructive comments will be deleted
You have been warned!

Now onwards with the journey with this new blog!

It’s been 6 months since you left me
I been thinking about you everyday
How would we be if we continue till this day and whether we will be happy together?
I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t think properly
I wonder whether you are thinking about me too after so long..
I really miss you
I really do…
Everyday I daydream of what would have happened and what would have been
I miss you.
Evan Chang